hungover feelings at calle hurtado 3.

yep. Jennis last day today :( buhuu... at 7 she's sitting on the plane back to finland.. i'm so tired to always say good bye to people ,  just wanna puke.. feels like the only thing i'm doing nowadays... BUT maybe that's one of the parts for travelling around and never know where to go next. I kind of like it ofcourse,,, to have the life in a bag and to feel "home" whereever I go... easy to adapt, easy to make friends.. easy easy livin. but i'll never get used to that, that sometimes you meet so wonderful and amazing people, that you wish you'd much more time to spend with.... THOOSE moments are really really saaad....... but what to do . life's life. just so simple as that.
And in the words of Hannah Janssen ;
"you shouldn't cry because you miss someone,
You should just smile because You've got the opportunity to meet them."

Shoot baby!


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